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After a few weeks, I had started musing that that experience would be the easiest post I’d ever had to make. Oriental Wrestling Entertainment? “Highly entertaining,” would be the entirety of my first ever two word review, I jested.

Well, never in my wildest dreams did it ever cross my mind that one day I’d actually watch professional wrestling… LIVE IN SHANGHAI.


WWE was part of the fabric of my childhood. And probably yours, too.

Long story short, I’ve always been a fan — my very first crush was John Cena, in fourth grade. I know John Cena’s, Triple H’s, Randy Orton’s, Big Show’s, and Roman Reigns’ entrance theme songs like the back of my hand.

Also, did you know that the youngest superstar to win the SummerSlam championship was Brock Lesnar?

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, Shanghai | Tyler Colton, casually beating the shit out of his opponent
@tylercoltonwpg, casually beating the shit out of his opponent

So, yes, when Tyler told me the real reason why he was in China…. Best believe I FREAKED THE HELL OUT.

One for the books, I swear to Chinese gods.


It’s belligerent, it’s theatrical, it’s astounding, it can be completely ridiculous, and it can be unexpectedly exhilarating.

As a result of the cultural restrictions and in an effort to present a more “Chinese” product, OWE focuses on the culture of Chinese martial arts and spreading awareness on a global scale, presenting wrestling angles, storylines and in-ring characters very differently and more sedate compared to western companies such as WWE.

Michael Nee, OWE Vice President


Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, Shanghai

It’s distinctly Chinese — Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, also known as OWE, offers a truly Chinese take on professional wrestling.

Most of OWE’s Chinese roster have a martial arts—especially Shaolin Kung Fu—background, with the style and concepts of the martial arts influencing the in-ring product and presentation.


Honestly, you never know what to expect as anything can happen in wrestling. And usually, I’d walk you through the whole experience…. but not for this one.

Dude, trust me, I sure had a great time.

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, Shanghai
A handsome bunch of Asian dancers
Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, Shanghai
I was there somewhere
These dudes can fly
See? Told ya so!
Most of the heels (the bad guys/villains) have been foreigners | e.g. @buffa_aayooo



I strongly recommend that you watch one of their shows at least once in your life, you can thank me later.

Oh, and I’m totally not giving them 5/5 just because of the free booze they gave me. But yes, we had free booze at the time — OWE absolutely knows what they’re doing.

*whispers, “Nope, I don’t roam around telling people that I’m going to write a positive review about them/their business and stuff like that to get VIP treatment.”*


We all know that the cost of living in Shanghai is considered the highest in China, and it’s the sixth most expensive city in the world for expats, so here’s something we all love to hear the scoop: THERE’S NO ENTRANCE FEE.

Just go to one of their weekend shows, sit back, relax, maybe buy a beer, maybe buy five beers, and enjoy! You’re welcome!


Address: Lp, Floor 4, Zone B, Shunheng International Commercial Plaza, No. 18, Lane 289, Huxing road, Minhang District, Shanghai / 上海市-闵行区-沪星路289弄18号顺恒国际商业广场B区4层Lp

Note: Take Line 9, then get off at Qibao Station. You can easily book a Didi from Qibao Station using the Chinese address above. OWE’s dōjō/training center is in the same building as Decathlon.


OWE is currently in Cambodia to do some shows — meaning, there won’t be weekend shows in Shanghai these coming weeks. But they will be back soon! Let’s go?

For more information & updates, follow Oriental Wrestling Entertainment on WeChat: OWE东方职业摔角

Feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel: OWE Oriental Wrestling Entertainment

Photo credits: OWE | Special thanks to Pearl of OWE for sending me official photos!

Is walking on top of the clouds hanging off the side of the third tallest building in Shanghai your cup of tea? Yes? Then this one is for you: Skywalk at Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

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