Breathing space

Hey, bud!

You may have noticed that it’s been a little bit quiet here over the last four months — I took a much-needed hiatus and focused on other things.

It’s always nice to take a little breather, and it gave me the chance to reflect upon the current state of my life, where this web log started over a year ago and where it will be going.

Heck, where I’ll be going to next is where this will be going, and that’s something I seriously have to figure out.

I have gone through phases, as anyone with a creative endeavour apparently does. Sometimes, the inspiration seemed endless and the writing flowed easily. Other times, it seemed more like a chore to come up with interesting and relevant subjects.

Over time, this security blanket of mine has kind of bounced around — starting out as a collection of my personal & travel stories, to solo travel & moving abroad-related features, and eventually producing my perspective on living in Shanghai as an expat, rather than following a clear-cut theme.

So, what does that mean for the future?

Sixty percent of my readers are Filipinos, and I could’ve taken advantage of that by creating inspirational posts through my very own experiences as an OFW or How To Travel Cheap guides just to gain more views, but that isn’t the sole purpose of this website, and will never be.

Suddenly, I was feeling uninspired, and I got scared to be called “privileged” in a bad way, because the truth is, I really am privileged enough to live the life I’ve always wanted and I have the freedom to choose.

I am more privileged than probably half of my Filipino readers, and I just couldn’t bear the thought of me writing that How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World bullshit article, if many of my countrymen can’t even have three meals per day.

CURRENTLY WRITING: Settling Down in Shanghai

As I grow and as my priorities shift, I’ve decided that I’ll write mainly for myself again for the time being. Instead of planning out write-ups to serve my audience and working to churn out a post every week or so, I’ll take a more relaxed approach and prioritize my own satisfaction, depending on where my focus and creativity will take me.

No distinct theme, no regular posting schedule — I may finally finish blogs that I’ve back-burnered for a while, and share some more intimate yet informative material.

You wouldn’t mind taking a trip down memory lane with me every now and then, would you?

Then again, I think this is not only what I need in order to be able to enjoy running this site in a stress-free manner, but also ultimately a positive development for you as a reader, since I’ll be publishing not out of a feeling of obligation, but out of inspiration and individuality, which I believe makes for better content.

So, hey, bud! I hope you’ll continue following along, and as always, I’d be thrilled to hear from you in a comment or an e-mail.

Cheers & warm hugs,



Alaizza Quiozon

FUN FACT: Nobody has ever spelled my first name right the first time, let alone my full name. So, where will all these lead? Maybe nowhere. But, then again, maybe somewhere — which is the magic of it.

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